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advanced engineeringPTM Corporation has been producing metal stampings  and  protoypes since 1972.  Our expertise and experience is wide ranging, to include both large and small prototypes – something as small as a paperclip, wrap clamp or wire terminal, all the way up to car trunk lids, fenders, appliance panels or lawn mower decks.     We literally wrote the book on prototyping metal stampings!

PTM’s production metal stampings and prototypes are found on an estimated 70-75% of all cars and light trucks on the road today. You may wonder why our clients trust us enough to put our metal stampings on such a huge percentage of their products.  The answer is quite simple; we are really good at what we do!  PTM Corporation ships 100 million production parts, and completes some 2000+ individual prototype jobs per year for both OEM and Tier clients.

We understand any metal stamper can bang out parts and build protos for you. By allowing PTM to design, prototype, build and then produce your parts in production, we eliminate multiple vendors, cut unnecessary steps in your supply chain, and most importantly cheat time. Bundling services also allows us to maximize our internal cross functional relationships, and provide you with a one stop source for cost saving solutions. And, we do it all in-house! Here’s the bottom line; taking advantage of our bundled services can save you up to 20% versus individually purchased solutions! Need proof? Let us quote your next proto to production project! Whether you purchase our services ala’carte or as a turnkey bundled program, we’re confident we can earn your business.

One stop, One point of contact, One total solution provider…

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PTM Corporate Brochure

PTM corporation brochure

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Industries served:

  • - Automotive
  • - Agriculture
  • - Building and Construction
  • - Medical
  • - Military
  • - Non Automotive


Our services include:

  • - Kirksite rapid part prototyping
  • - Part design and development support
  • - Laser blank prototyping
  • - 186,000 SF of manufacturing space
  • - Short run production
  • - Tool and die build
  • - Low and high volume metal stampings
  • Value added services
    • CNC machining
    • Welding
    • Assembly
    • Laser cutting
    • Riveting, tapping, etc.